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Livingston Alive receives a huge amount of e-mails asking where people can buy books on Livingston.   Well you can now buy them right HERE on Livingston Alive.

In Association with Amazon.co.uk, Livingston Alive will bring you available books and place them on this page for you to buy.

Here are our current lists of books available and how to order them.


Livingston - The Making Of A Scottish New Town

The making Of A cottish new Town - LivingstonThis book was commissioned by the LDC and was written by Elspeth Wills.

The book gives details about why the site of the Almond Valley was chosen right up until the winding up of the LDC

The book was written in 1996 and therefore some information is slightly outdated but overall it is an excellent read and one book which shouldn't be missed!

Price: 15
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Images of Scotland - Livingston

Images Of Scotland - LivingstonThis book was written by William F Hendrie and is an excellent resource for old & new photographs of Livingston.

Livingston Alive has taken pictures out of this book and there are over 125 pages of photos for you to view and enjoy!

The book was written in 2000 and is very up to date detailing every aspect of the town from the Shopping centres to pre-war toll houses to the Shale Oil Industry!

Price: 6.99
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New Town: Social Involvement in Livingston

Price: 89.95
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New Beginnings: Livingston Ecumenical Parish

In 1966 the Livingston Ecumenical Experiment was launched by the induction of the Revd James Maitland, Church of Scotland, and the Revd Brian Hardy, Episcopal Church, to the new ecumenical charge of Livingston, West Lothian. This book describes the origins of the ecumenical movement, the early years in Livingston, and the close co-operation of the church with the community to solve various problems which presented themselves.

Price: 8.99
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Livingston in Old Picture Postcards

This Book is a book full of old Postcards of the Liingston Area.

Compiled by William F. Hendrie, the book was commissioned by the European Library and is a good book for nostalgic folk about the West Lothian area!

Price: 9.95
Order: Click Here to Order Livingston - In Old Picture...

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